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My Two Cents are Free

Blogito Ergo Sum
30+, 80's music, a perfect circle, activism, adult swim, afi, al franken, al green, amy sedaris, animals, anthropology, bbw, ben folds five, berzerker, bicycling, bill hicks, black adder, blackadder, blues, buckethead, charcoal drawing, chuck palahniuk, church-state separation, comedy, comics, comparative religions, composing, computers, csi, current events, daily show, dave grohl, david sedaris, democrats, digital cameras, donnie darko, drawing, elliot smith, family guy, farelly brothers, feminism, foamy the squirrel, foo fighters, geeks, guy forsyth, harry potter, history, houston, houston bands, incubus, independant films, interracial families, iron and wine, jason lee, jay & silent bob, jazz, john irving, jon stewart, joyce carol oates, judaism, karaoke, kemo for emo, kevin smith, kids in the hall, korn, liberals, literature, live music, live theater, margaret atwood, mathematics, meeting new people, michael moore, mike judge, mitch hedberg, monty python, movies, multiracial, music, music theory, mystery science theater 3000, npr, office space, opie hendrix, philip k. dick, piercing, poetry, politics, pro-choice, punk, reading, reverend horton heat, right to choose, sarcasm, science fiction, siamese, singing, south park, space ghost, spirituality, squirrel nut zippers, standup comedy, steampunk, steve buscemi, sublime, swimming, texas, thai food, the matrix, the onion, the simpsons, title insurance, tony vega band, tool, tyler durden, underdog, vegetarian, weezer, wit, women's rights, writing, yahoo messenger